Our business model is focused on sustainable business development whilst considering the ever pressing social issues in South Africa, Morkalio considers unemployed youth to be a serious challenge and our business plan aims to create long term employment and skills transfer for those depressed areas of our society.

Partnerships are constantly being formed with various stakeholders including Local Municipalities , Metros, Parastatals and other public sector units in the fields of credit management solution, data analytics, customer services amongst others.

Our strategies will achieve enhanced revenues for our clients whilst addressing:

  • Increased employment

  • Improved service delivery

  • Skills transfer

  • Sustainable business models

  • Innovation through training and technology

  • Better customer relationship management

The revenue focus, allows Morkalio to work with clients, within the ambit of transparent and quantifiable measurements.

The client experience is supported by a strong management team, utilising best of breed technology.

At Morkalio we offer a turnkey solution to the client’s revenue challenges, through our tried and tested methodologies and strategies. Contact us if you are concerned with your growing debtors book and wish to optimise your revenue collection strategies.